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Ara Nazarian, DDS
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National and International Dental Profession Services

Dr. Ara Nazarian has been providing product evaluation services and formal regional training services since 2002.

Reconstructive Institute Dr Nazarian
Ara Nazarian, DDS
The popularity of his training seminars and hands-on methods for mastering basic and advanced protocols for a wide range of dental products and technologies is now in demand by dentists and manufacturers (distributors) alike.

Manufacturers and new product developers are able promote their current product lines directly to the practicing professional community on a regional basis and also have the means of evaluating the practicality of newer, developing technologies in a short period of time.

Advisory Boards: Product Development and Implementation

Dr. Nazarian is often requested to participate as a product development advisor for several nationally and internationally known manufacturers and distributors. His unique methods for creating the best possible implementation of a procedure and/or product has become well known.

Accurate product modifications, in terms of instrumentation, fabrication and delivery are routine benefits of his consultancy role for manufacturers and practicing professionals alike.

Nazarian Seminar Theme: Recession Proof Your Practice

Dr. Nazarian presents, rather routinely, material and skill building instruction (often includes Live Surgery) for dentists and specialists who are seeking methods for selecting the best combinations of products and treatment protocols for efficient marketing (immediate case acceptance) and streamlining office efficiencies.

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No more wasted time, energies and financial resources for "sampling" the vast amount of technologies available to dentists. Given that there are numerous "offerings" available to dentists for optimizing work flows and efficient outcomes, Dr. Nazarian possesses the practical experience and knowledge for selecting how products and specific protocols work "best" in nearly any given treatment need and solution.

Dentistry Under One Roof

Many of Dr. Nazarian's seminar participants are sequentially learning and acquiring product and protocol knowledge that eliminates or minimizes the need for out-of-office referrals for what should be provided "without" referral.

While "working knowledge" of certain procedures is a good thing.... acquiring the skill and know-how permits dentists to provide comprehensive dentistry that often can be completed in one appointment.


Manuscript versions of Dr. Nazarian's popular seminars are often published in today's known and respected publications within the dental community.

  • Dentistry Today
  • Contemporary Esthetics
  • Inside Dentistry
  • Dental Products Report
  • Dental Equipment and Materials
  • Dental Town
Newly developed or improved protocols for implementing new dental products are also published and demonstrated through public and private video presentations along with manufacturer sponsored webinars.

  • Imtec Corporation
  • OCO Biomedical
  • Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Burbank Dental Lab
  • Kerr Dental
  • Exacta Dental Products
  • Ribbond

  • SDI (Southern Dental Industries)
  • Triodent
  • Biohorizons
  • Riemser
  • Dental USA
  • Bioplant
  • Parkell
For a complete listing of Dr. Nazarian's publications that are in downloadable PDF format, visit our PDF Library page.
Product Protocol Training
Monitored Skill Acquisition

Seminars and Hands On Training Events

The interest and demand for certain types of training events desired by practicing dentists and manufacturers alike has shown a trend toward utilizing products that deliver reconstructive outcomes with a variety of price points.

Today's economic climate demands the ability to recognize these trends early and to develop new or modified implementations of existing or newly developing technologies with new "efficiencies."

Dr. Nazarian's seminar attendees enjoy acquiring skill sets that are often comprised of new or revised applications of existing technologies and protocols many dentists already possess.

In situations where new products are being introduced, opportunities are usually available to acquire the products for immediate use, often the very next business day.

Product Protocol Training
New Product Introduction and Training
Dr. Nazarian's success in recognizing and documenting these trends, in part, has developed his popularity. Dentists particularly enjoy knowing their post graduate training experiences will impact revenue flows of their practice nearly immediately.

Product Exposure

Manufacturers often rely on Dr. Nazarian to develop seminars and hands-on training events that help dentists to acquire immediate know-how (not just familiarity) to best incorporate the products in treatment plans that promote the highest level of case acceptance possible.

Trial and error methods of training are virtually eliminated.

Questions and Details

Dr. Nazarian can be most easily contacted via our on-line email Contact Form. He will respond to you directly with the answers you seek to unique questions or questions about the activities of the Reconstructive Dental Institute.

Michigan Dental Seminars
Ara Nazarian, DDS Seminar Leader
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy MI 48083
(248) 457-0500 - Fax: (248) 457-0501

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